Eyelash And Eyebrow Tint

Temporary Pigmentation With Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint

To fully enhance your natural beauty, sometimes it is necessary to change the color of the eyelashes and eyebrows with temporary eyelash and eyebrow tint. This is a semi-permanent procedure that works to darken the hairs that make up the lashes and the brows. This is a perfect solution for people that have very fine, or very light colored lashes and brows. By using eyelash and eyebrow tint, it is possible to make the lashes appear longer and thicker, simply by darkening the color. Semi-permanent tint is a great way to eliminate the need for mascara to darken the lashes, or for eyebrow filler to darken the brows and make them appear fuller. Save money and time with this easy to do brow and lash service.

Brow and lash tinting is an easy process to perform. Usually the dye is made up of vegetable extracts, completely safe and non-caustic for the skin. The process is painful and only takes a matter of minutes to complete. The dye is applied to the brows or the lashes and left to soak in for a short period of time. Usually, brow and lash tinting will last between three and four weeks. It may be necessary to tint the lashes and brow again following a month of wear. To help keep color lasting longer, moisturize the hairs in the brows and the lashes. This will hold the dye pigmentation in longer, which can help lengthen the time in between brow and lash tint appointments. Talk to a trained professional at DLash&Brow360 to learn more about brow tinting, and to select the right pigmentation and color for your skin and complexion.


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